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Natural chewing gums without sugars or sweeteners 

Owing to increased consciousness about the adverse health impacts of product

With Sugars and Sweeteners. 

This new chewing gum concept are aimed at healthier choices for consumers

SSFree natural chewing gum

Description of process & recipe 

For to make natural chewing gum

Without sugars not sweeteners


Natural chicle gum base SF-020

65.0 %

Natural glycerine

3.0 %

Sunflower lecithin

2.0 %

Natural flavors oil or powders

3.0 %

Hydrogenated vegetable oil

7.0 %

Cottonseed or soybean or canola or safflower, sunflower or palm or coconut oil


20.0 %

Talc or calcium carbonate

Adjust the mixer to 50 C,. Add to mixer the chicle gum base SF-020
To reach a temperature between 75 C to 80 C. Turn off the mixer heating system
In separate container, mix to temperature 60 C, and all liquids with the 50 % flavor oil. 
Add this liquid slow to chicle gum base SF-020. 
Already softened, adding fillers at the same time . And in proportion of the liquid mix. Make a homogeneous
mixture Missing 5.0 minutes before download, Add another 50 % flavors
The natural chicle gum base NB-SF-020,  For have flow homogeneously inside extruder, It does not require,
the add of sweetener or sugars syrups for to plasticizing, only mixing of glycerin, lecithin and vegetal oils. 
This is because of its special physico-chemical characteristics. It is very important for this product.
Make perfect selection of natural flavors. because no having sweeteners the gum,  the only sensations of
Consumers in the mouth is natural flavors mixture. 
Fillers amount in the formulation, can move from 0.0% to 30.0%.
This depends on the product cost required for your markets
For the manufacture of SS-free natural chewing gums: Herbal, functional, pharma or compressed types
More information and technical support. Contact with us : 
ABOAFSITE  SA  CV   10500 Mexico  City​,  MEXICO​   Ph: 52 55 5652 1839
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