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Ways to make

Natural sugar chewing gums at home with chicle gum base

Manufacturing description with quick recipes and easy process without machinery
To offer the best alternative of healthy & eco-friendly chewing gums

Manufactured with Microwave


1/3 cup:

Chicle gum base PW-060 

2 ½ tablespoons:

Corn or dextrose or agave syrup

1/2 cup:

Cane sugar or agave or honey powder 

1 teaspoon:

Natural glycerin

½ teaspoon:

Citric acid

6 drops:

Natural flavors​

Process Step 1

Prepare your natural chicle gum base PW-060

Place your gum base into the microwave safe bowl, you designated

for making Chewing Gums

Place the bowl in the microwave and heat for sixty seconds.

Remove your bowl from the microwave and stir the chicle gum base thoroughly.

It should be completely melted. If not place it back in the microwave  for another twenty seconds.

This process should be repeated until your chicle gum base has a  soft, sticky consistency.


Step 2

Prepare your powdered sugar.

Pour about half of your powdered sugar onto the flat sheet you've

designated as your work surface

Step 3

Flavor your gum base. Add six drops of your chosen flavoring to the gum base after removing it from microwave. 

Stir mixture thoroughly

Step  4
Pour your chicle gum base.
Carefully pour the flavored natural chicle gum base
Into the well you created with the powdered sweetener.
Using your fingers knead the powdered sweetener slowly into
the natural chicle gum base PW-060
Continue to incorporate more powdered sweetener into the chicle
gum base as you knead the dough
Continue this process until you've, added all of the sweetener to
the dough and the dough feels stiff
This process may take anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes.

Step 5
Make the hot dough into shape of roll long
Using clean scissors carefully cut the gums into individual

The scissors should be soaked in cool water whenever you cut

Then cool all the gum pieces

With powdered sweetener lightly bathe each piece before

wrapping it for storage

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