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Easy process to do natural herbal or functional chewing gums 

With the best actives delivery system

Natural Chicle Chewing Gum

Is the fastest and most efficient administration route.

For to release of actives and get absorbed via sublingual pathway

Studies have shown that approximately: 

90% absorption of actives ingredients can be achieved with chicle gum base

Compared to a 40% obtained with synthetic gum bases


The challenge for formulators is to produce functional chewing gum with great-tasting and good textures.

With chicle gum base are overcoming this issues

Whether you are looking to develop all-natural herbal or functional chewing gum with high quality the option is

Chicle Gum Base

Description of Process and Recipe 

For to make

Natural chewing gums using herbal oils.

Ingredients and Quantities 

Chicle Gum Base PW-060

30 %

Xylitol  Powder

60 %

Natural  Glycerin

5 %  

Herbal  Oil

4 %

Natural  Flavors

1 %


In a container you put PW-060. Heat up in the temperature of softening

70 C to 75 C, and homogenize. Close the heat source. Add 50.0 % xylitol 

Add natural gliceryn and homogenize. Add another 50.0 % of xylitol slowly

Make the mixture homogeneous. Keeping the temperature of softness

It integrates Herbal oil and flavor. Make mixture homogeneous 

Cut pieces with scissors or fill the mould cavities, Place in freezer 

Description of Process and Recipe 

For to make

Natural chewing gums using herbal tinctures

Chicle Gum Base PW-060
27 %
Xylitol  Powder
45 %
Herbal  Tinctures
15 % 
Hydrogenated vegetable oil
7 % 
Natural  Glycerin
3 %
Sunflower lecithin
2 %
Natural  Flavors
1 %
In a container you put PW-060.  Heat up in the temperature of softening 
70 C to 75 CClose the heat source.  Add 50.0 % xylitol and total glycerin 
Add another 50.0 % of xylitol slowly, Make mixture homogeneous
In separate container with temperature 60 C 
Make a mixture of lecithin with the vegetal oil and herbal tincture.  
Add this liquid slow with the flavors and mixture homogeneous 
Cut pieces with scissors or fill the mold cavities  Place in freezer 
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