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Natural Chewing Gums Manufactured Easily 

Recipes description for all types

Using chicle gum base   


Successful global brands of home-made natural gums

Welcome to sticky good business of make at home natural chewing gums​

The demand for more variety of new native flavors and the desire to satisfy personal needs with

Healthy and Green Products 

Integrating some functional ingredients, achieved that the consumer is driving this strong productive

activity, replacing traditional synthetic chewing gums manufactured by large companies.

Therefore a new niche has been created in the confectionery market,​

To obtain products with these characteristics suitable to successfully participate in this good business

Our company developed a special product:

Chicle gum base PW-060 

For to easy manufacture of natural chewing gums

With quick and efficient incorporation of ingredients in form homogeneous

For to all formulations with good quality and without processing machinery

Natural Sugars recipe 

Natural Sugar Free recipe 

Natural Bubblegums recipe

Natural Herbal-Functional recipe 

Have a project of make natural chewing gums in mind?​

​​​Working together we can create a unique product ​and​ be ​successfully​​ launch in market

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Ph: 52 55 5652 1839
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