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How to make sugar free natural chewing gums

With chicle gum base and xylitol

Description of manufacturing easy process and recipes without machinery

For to make natural sugar free chewing gums


Chicle Gum Base PW-060

40.0 %

Xylitol Syrup

20.0 %   

Xylitol Powder

35.0 %

Vegetable Glycerin

2.5 %  

Natural Flavor

2.5 %  


Manufactured with electric oven 

In a container you put the chicle PW-060. Add natural glycerin 

Heat up the mixture on temperature of softening 70 C to 75 C

Add xylitol syrup slow and mixes homogeneous, 

Keeping the temperature of softness, it integrates xylitol powder

Add the flavors, Short pieces and put in the cool.

For to make sugar free-herbal chewing gums
Chicle Gum Base PW-060
30.0 %
Xylitol Powder ( 150 mesh )  
60.0 %
Vegetable Glycerin  
3.0 % 
Herbal Extracts :
6.0 %  
Natural Flavor
1.0 % 

Manufactured with electric oven 
In a container put chicle PW-060 and glycerin,
Heat up the mixture on temperature to 70 C 
And homogenize. Add xylitol slowly, 
keeping softness temperature
Make the mixture homogeneous, 
Add the flavors and extracts, mixture homogeneous
Short pieces & put in freezer 
Procedure to obtain uniform chewing gum figures
Pour the hot mixture into a container coated with rice flour. 
The quantity of product has to be adequate with the thickness
required for the size of figures. Place the container in freezer for 3.0 hrs.
Remove the plaque natural chewing gum.
Slice into strips the width of the figures. 
Cut out the figures with metallic molds used for cookies. 
The cutter should be soaked in cool water whenever you cut.
Then cool all the gum pieces
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