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Frequently Asked Questions​


Natural Chewing Gums

Is there plastic in common chewing gums?

Yes, the common chewing gums. It is made of a combination synthetic ingredients,

As polymers, elastomers, waxes, anti-oxidants and softeners. considered health risks

Is there a natural chewing gum?

Yes, It is manufactured with chicle gum base

What are the ingredients of natural chewing gum?

Chicle gum base with natural ingredients

Which chewing gum is the ​healthiest?

The chicle chewing gum is all-natural product, eliminating health risk to consumer

What are the advantages and benefits of natural chewing gum?

Biodegradable.& environmentally friendly. More chewability. Improves texture of gums

Best delivery system for all ingredients in the formulations  

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The natural chewing gum is : Vegan, No-Allergens & Non-GMO Product?

Yes, because are make with vegetable ingredients

What are chewing gum brands that use natural chicle gum base?

Currently there are 39 natural chewing gum brands in world and the number growing fast

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How do you make natural chewing gum at home?

The easiest process is to use chicle gum base PW-060.

For to make at home natural chewing gum: sugar, sugar free and herbal-functional types. 

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What are the ingredients in chicle gum base?

It is a natural products manufactured with chicle tree sap, candelilla wax

And natural citric complex.

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What is the cost to obtain samples?

The product is free, only the shipping costs are paid, 

$ 35.00 US DLLS / KG 

includes delivery to your address. It is the same cost for all countries

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How soon will the product arrive?

Approximate time is 12 to 15 days

Have a Project of​ n​atural ​c​hewing ​g​um in ​m​ind ?

Working together to create something unique product. 

And successfully launch your natural chewing gum to world market:

We committed to delivering the best solutions​

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