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Natural Chewing Gum made with Chicle Gum Bases

Information of simple ways to make natural chewing gums without machinery

Benefits of manufacturing with chicle tree sap gum base

Natural, biodegradable and sustainable products

It does not endanger the health of consumers and do not affect ecology,

natural chicle gum base


The only supplier that manufactures natural gum base with chicle tree sap

To easily elaborate natural chewing gum with high quality in all formulations,
Sugar, sugarfree, herbal and functionals

Easy Process & Fast Recipes


Natural Chewing Gum Manufacture

Provide substantial opportunities for growth

Helps create new and innovative products.

For to be updated with new trends of world consumption.

And for take part in this booming market

World Brands Natural Chewing Gum

Natural Chewing Gum Advantages

The best delivery system for all ingredients.

With more time of flavors perception, good chewability, fine texture. 

Has no elastomers, polymers, waxes and synthetic resins.

Giving to the finished product amazing

Benefits & Good Features 

Natural Chewing Gum Market Overview

With increasing awareness of the benefits natural products  

The new technologies for the chewing gum manufacture 
They are aimed at healthier options for consumers and environmental protection

Consumer is eliminating from his purchases products with synthetic origin.

AB Natural Base SA CV

Mexico City

Phone 52 55 5652 1839

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